Q: How much is it to join a loop?
A: We typically charge $48 or lower for each giveaway loop. We want to provide the best service to all of our customers and this price makes that possible!

Q. Why do you need to know my follower count? 
A. All our loops are Open to All. This allows new accounts and established accounts to grow together. If multiple new accounts join a loop, we will double book sponsors to ensure the giveaway is still successful.

Q: How do you decide what to give to the winner? 
A: We a week before each loop we run a poll on our Instagram Stories so follow us on IG to stay up to date!

Q: How can I join a loop? 
A: Visit this page to learn how!

Q: Do you have Loop Giveaway rules/terms? 
A: Yup! Check out this page for the loop rules and this page for our Giveaway Policy

Q: Are the payments for the loops secure?
A: Yes, we strongly dislike it when Loop Host asks Customers to send payments via email/IG DM. That screams sketchy **cue scary horror movie music**!! Instead of asking Buyers for their personal payment information via email/IG DM we provide a secure checkout on our shop page that's provided by ecwid.com and PayPal.com.

Q: I've noticed how you use special abbreviations/terms for certain words. What does each word mean? 
A: Thanks for noticing! We created a page for Loop Newbies to learn about the unique Loop Lingo. Visit this page to see all the terms and find out how many you know.

Q: Do you allow Loop Giveaways Sponsors? 
A: Yup! Typically, prefer our Loop Giveaway Sponsors to have over 75,000 real followers on Instagram. Email us at hello@loopbestie.com or DM us on Instagram to Sponsor a giveaway. Send us your Instagram account @NAME, which giveaway you would like to join, and your follower count.

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