Loop Giveaway
definition: A giveaway that loops bloggers and online boutiques together in a loop. We start with one user (i.e. Sally @sallysig) and typically have only 37 people in our loops. Sally started with the loop so she will end with the loop so it will circle back around. 

Loop Launch
definition: The official start of a new giveaway loop

Loop Launch Day
definition: The official day for a new loop giveaway

definition: Instagram Direct Message

IG Group Chat DM
definition: Instagram Group Chat Direct Message

Checking in
definition: Notifying everyone in your Instagram DM group that you're prepared for the loop.

Loop Script
definition: The words you copy and place in your Loop Launch Instagram post caption.

definition: Your Instagram user name

definition: The person who's name is under yours in the Loop Giveaway Instagram Group Chat. SIDE-NOTE: We send a list of all the people in the Loop Giveaway the day before the loop in a IG Group Chat DM.

"Have You Entered?" Loop Promo
definition: In every Loop Giveaway we have two mandatory repost. The first one is the Have you Entered Post. This reminds your followers to enter the giveaway if they missed the first post or if Instagram didn't share it to them (Instagram sometimes hides post from showing up on all your followers feed.)

"Last Chance!!" Loop Promo
definition: This is the second mandatory Loop Giveaway Repost. You will be provided instructions for this post along with the Have You Entered? via IG Group DM.