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Want to be featured on the blog?

We're so happy you'd like to be featured on! Currently, we have two different types of featured post, Social Sunday and Small Business Spotlight. We like to feature all types of bloggers/shop owners on our website so this mean we DO NOT exclude any type of blogger/shop owners due to his/her following count, blog post content (excluding nudity and/or excessive profanity. see the "BLOGGER REQUIREMENTS" Section below), gender, nor background. We're all inclusive and love individuality!!

Every Sunday we enjoy featuring a blogger and/or social media #Girl(or)GuyBoss on our homepage! This post is FREE, all you have to do is send us your FIRST AND LAST NAME, EMAIL, BLOG URL, BLOG NAME, and your FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE. Check out our Contact page to submit your information or email us at:


How to get Featured:

Simply leave a comment below with your contact email or send us a email at: with your FIRST and LAST NAME, BLOG URL, BLOG NAME, and AGE.

What we're looking for:

We're looking for talented bloggers or shop owners who love what they do! Along with that we have some important requirements below.


1. Posting Consistently: 
We value consistency because it shows us YOU MEAN BUSINESS! We require all featured bloggers to post at least once a week, but we prefer bloggers who post twice a week

2. Quality Post: 
We also love bloggers who publish quality post, you know, the post your proud to show all your friends! Our definition of a quality post is: clear images, no nudity, no bullying, and no more than 5 cuss words. That being said, we prefer no profanity but we understand how everyone is different and enjoy writing their unique way. We're all about accepting diverse writing styles. 


We DO NOT Accept: 
1. Shops that do not have a have a unique URL. 
EXAMPLE: aka Shops with URL "" at the ending. 

2. Shops that resell products from other stores.
EXAMPLE: Sally likes shopping Victoria's Secret. Sometimes Sally likes to RESELL the items she bought at Victoria's Secret on Poshmark and eBay. 
In this example Sally CANNOT get featured on

We DO Accept: 
1. Unique shops and their wonderful websites!
EXAMPLE: Sally is a #GirlBoss and owns her own website at On Sally's website she features unique products. 

2. Unique Etsy and eBay Shop owners.
EXAMPLE: Sally also sells her items on eBay and Etsy. She's a small business owner and doesn't RESELL items found from larger retail stores. We enjoy sharing Small Business Owner stories on our website because we love supporting Small Businesses!

Email us at: to submit your application.

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